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Cinéma en VO

Mardi 27 et jeudi 29 septembre, ce sont 340 lycéennes et lycéens de filière générale et technologique, allant de la 2nde à la Terminale, qui sont allés voir le film « Ladybird » au cinéma de Lamballe.

Ce film avait fait l’objet, pour la plupart, d’une étude pédagogique en classe, notamment sur le thème du passage à l’âge adulte.

Réactions, in English please :

“The beginning of the film is cool. I think that when she starts to fall in love, it becomes interesting. I don’t like the end of the film because it ends with one word, I would have liked a sequel to it.” M.M.

“I really liked this movie because I think that the subject of this story really reflects the situation of some young people / teenagers today but it’s a cheesy story.” E. T.

“This movie is a “cliché movie”, it’s a good film but not the best one.” E. C.

‘The film ‘Ladybird’ is cool. The character is funny and the script is original. However the ending is disappointing: I would have liked a happier ending.” F. B.

“I liked this movie. First, the story was very interesting but the ending is weird. I didn’t like it. Ladybird is a very complicated girl and her mother doesn’t understand why. Finally, it’s a good movie, strange but funny.” L. P.

“I just didn’t like the end because I think that the movie shouldn’t end all at once.” J. T.

“I thought it was a great movie because the story is very interesting and it makes us think. But I didn’t like the end because it came too fast.” C. G.

“I liked this movie because it deals with sensitive subjects even if they are not deep in my opinion.” L. R.

“I was disappointed by the movie because the story did not interest me and the end is too brutal, poorly thought according to me.” A. C.

“My favourite scene is when the mother comes back to the airport to see her daughter but she has already left. It touched me.” S. K.

“I didn’t like the film because it was boring.” L. G. and C. Y.

“I really liked the film because it is realistic and we can identify ourselves to this girl. That’s really hard to leave our family and I think that this movie can help us to do this.” C. C.